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As You Like It
by William Shakespeare

directed by
R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

Men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, but not for love.

Performing online
Jul 17-Aug 2, 2020

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As You Like It
Orlando, Rosalind, Celia, Jaques


A triumphant comedy about finding love in a time of tyranny—with strong characters, biting wit and some of Shakespeare’s greatest dialogue.

The story revolves around Rosalind, one of Shakespeare’s most fully realized heroines, and her flight from her tyrannical uncle to the forest of Arden. There, disguised as a young man, she meets a band of fellow exiles, attracts the unwanted affections of a shepherdess, and pursues her own love interest, Orlando. Meanwhile, Orlando’s villainous brother plots his murder, and her uncle’s soldiers come ever closer to capturing Rosalind and her friends.

Among the play’s many endearing characters is the melancholy Jacques, one of Shakespeare’s most popular comic roles. Best known for his famous “all the world’s a stage” monologue, Jacques has amused audiences (and challenged actors) since As You Like It was first staged.

Following a long-standing HSF tradition, this production of As You Like It will feature an all-female identifying cast.

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Rosalind / William Chelsea Cox
Celia Shemya Dang
Jacques / Charles Sharon Garcia Doyle
Touchstone Linda Johnson
Orlando Brooke Jones
Duke Senior / La Beau / Martext Catherine Ann Restivo
Phoebe / Dennis / 2nd Lord Alisa Boland
Amiens / Silvius Taylor Bogan
Duke Frederick / Audrey Juvy Lucina
Oliver / Corin Kris10 Misaki
Adam / Hymen / 1st Lord Lisa Nilsen
Swing Shayna Chung

Love’s Labour’s Lost
by William Shakespeare

directed by
Kat Altman

Let us once
lose our oaths
to find ourselves.

Performing online
August 7-16, 2020

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Love's Labour's Lost
Princess of France


Shakespeare’s enduring romantic comedy shows us what is important in life.

In a dying earth, Ferdinand’s only hope of survival is to band together with his brothers and to take an oath of temperance and survival. But when a ragtag group of free spirits arrive, a series of romantic antics and miscommunications ensue.

Ultimately, they show Ferdinand and his crew the meaning of love and the things that make life worth living.

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King Ferdinand Sean-Joseph Choo
Princess of Librios Emily Steward
Berowne Malia Wessel
Rosaline Louise Gregory
Armado Stetson Smith
Boyet / Dull Anna Hamaguchi
Longaville / Jaqnetta Rachael Uyeno
Costard / Maria Dylan Chace Lee
Moth Jake Wolf

Merry Wives
of Windsor

by William Shakespeare

directed by
Wives may be merry,
and yet honest too.

Performing online
August 14-23, 2020

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Merry Wives

Falstaff beckons you


Mistress Ford and Mistress Page turn the tables on the amorous Falstaff when he woos them for their money in this delightful comedy commissioned by the Queen who wanted to see "Falstaff in love."

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Sir John Falstaff Eden Lee Murray
Master Ford Jason Kanda
Mistress Ford April Lichtman
Master Page Burton Tedesco
Mistress Page Stephanie Keiko Kong
Anne Page Victoria A. Kashiwai
Justice Shallow Karen Valasek
Abraham Slender Benjamin Walsh
Simple Jim Murphy
Host of the Garter Richard Valasek
Sir Hugh Evans Nile Curtis
Doctor Caius / Rugby Matthew Miller
Mistress Quickly Victoria Wei
Bardolph / Robert Iris Wilhelm-Norseth
Pistol Makena Jane Duffy
Nym / John Suhaila Ng
Fenton Chris Teves