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(and infrequently)
asked questions

When are auditions?
Auditions will be held at various locations on Oahu in April, 2011. Exact dates and locations still to be determined. Audition dates will be announced here, in the local papers and through our email list. If you'd like to be on the audition list, please email us.

Do you hold mainland/regional auditions?
No. We're a small, volunteer company. We don't pay our actors and we don't have the resources to hold auditions outside Oahu. That said, if you're going to be spending the summer on Oahu anyway (because you're a returning student, say, or you just feel like it), feel free to contact us about setting up a video audition.

Can I work for the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival?
Sure! Oh, you want to get paid? Not so fast there, buddy. We do pay small stipends to our designers (set, lights, costume). Everyone else works for free.

What's coming up next?
The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival is committed to doing all of Shakespeare's plays before repeating. At the conclusion of this season, we will have completed the canon--all 38 plays in 12 years!

2013 - Troilus and Cressida, Timon of Athens, As You Like It
2014 - Bonus season! (TBA)
2015 - ???


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